Elogio a los b2b, por Ben UFO

"i grew up playing music with friends and in groups."

Aleix Mateu

Solemos ver a Ben UFO anunciando b2b a menudo. Suele hacer sesiones con otros DJs, casi más que en solitario y, tal como él explica, suele ser preguntado por ello. Dice que en ocasiones se ha visto esto como una estratagema o una «táctica barata» para vender tickets en los festivales.

Como dice también, pinchar con otros artistas es algo que le gusta mucho y, por eso, ha publicado una extensa entrada en su página de Facebook explicándose.

En su elogio a los b2b, Ben UFO los justifica diciendo que fuerzan al DJ a salir de su zona de comfort, a reaccionar espontáneamente y a encontrar caminos comunes con artistas a pesar que sean de estilos diferentes. A pesar de ello, la principal razón por la que le gusta tanto trabajar en directo con otros DJs es, básicamente, porque creció pinchando música con sus amigos.

Esta recurrente forma de actuar le ha llevado a aprender de muchos otros, ya sea pinchando con «Jackmaster o Morphosis, Joy OHelena Hauff, Call SuperLena Willikens, ZipFour Tet, etc».

Puedes leer la entrada completa al final del post.

«here’s a lol pic of me and joy playing tunes together at space for we love years back :)»


«i’m getting asked about b2b DJing quite a lot at the moment, as i guess i DJ with other people fairly regularly – a lot of people seem to be writing it off as gimmicky, or as a cheap tactic to sell festival tickets (which it undeniably often is!) but it’s something i enjoy and feel quite passionately about so i’d like to address the question briefly

a lot of people say it only works when you’re playing with someone similar, and that different DJs shouldn’t attempt to play records together, but i think almost the complete opposite. obviously there needs to be a connection between the two people playing, but it’s amazing to see DJs who have slightly different takes on things working to create something that neither of them could on their own.

of course it can go wrong, but that’s half the point – playing this way forces you to step outside of your comfort zone, to react spontaneously to things that are outside of your control, and to maybe reassess habits of your own that familiarity can blind you to. these are things i value, and this kind of collaboration has really helped me maintain a positive attitude towards playing music for other people. i grew up playing music with friends and in groups, learning to listen that way and participating in something that was bigger than any one person. i think that’s cool, and ive learnt a lot from everyone ive DJed with – whether jackmaster or morphosis, joy o or helena hauff, call super or lena willikens, zip or four tet, and obviously the hessle guys going back over ten years now

the next thing planned is a long set with Hunee at ADE, which im excited and nervous about – we are quite different DJs but i think our attitude is similar and im confident we’ll find an interesting path!

here’s a lol pic of me and joy playing tunes together at space for we love years back :)»

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