On-U Sound reedita a African Head Charge


African Head Charge, recuperados por Adrian Sherwood

“A psychedelic Africa” (Adrian Sherwood)

Pau Cristòful

Foto: Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah (percusionista de African Head Charge) junto con Adrian Sherwood

El sello emblema del dub liderado por el legendario productor Adrian Sherwood, On-U Sound, está imparable.

Este año ha publicado las imprescindibles compilaciones «Sherwood At The Controls» (On-U Sound, 2015) y «Science Fiction Classics» (On-U Sound, 2015), esta última recopilada por Trevor Jackson.

Recientemente también ha anunciado la reedición del único álbum de Missing Brazilians, «Warzone» (On-U Sound, 1984).

Ahora es el turno de African Head Charge, formación dub que Adrian Sherwood define como “a psychedelic Africa”.

El 22 de enero, On-U Sound reeditará los cuatro primeros álbumes de African Head Charge: «My Life In A Hole In The Ground» (On-U Sound, 1981), «Environmental Studies» (On-U Sound, 1982), «Drastic Season» (On-U Sound, 1983) y «Off The Beaten Track» (On-U Sound, 1985).

Todos los discos han estado remasterizados en Dubplates & Mastering y contarán con notas escritas por Steve Barker (presentador del programa de la BBC Radio Lancashire «On The Wire«).

La detallada nota de prensa merece ser citada:

«MY LIFE IN A HOLE IN THE GROUND – the groundbreaking debut album from 1981. Skeletal dub with hand drum percussion patterns on top, augmented by stereo-strafed effects and the occasional burst of Sun Ra-style horns. The result is a unique mixture of traditional African rhythms, dub and free jazz. Features DJ favourite “Stebeni’s Theme” and “Far Away Chant”, used to famously gruesome effect by David Lynch in the film Wild At Heart. www.smarturl.it/holeintheground

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES – second album from 1982 that saw African Head Charge working manipulated and vari-speeded 1/4 inch tape loops that were re-recorded back to the multi-track, soaked in reverb and delay, and then applied to the performances of the musicians, not to mention extensive use of found sounds and field recordings, hence the title. Features contributions from Bruce Smith (The Pop Group), Style Scott (Roots Radics) and Deadly Headley (The Wailers). www.smarturl.it/environmentalstudies

DRASTIC SEASON – their third album from 1983. Described by producer Adrian Sherwood as «experiments in active frequencies, out of time noises, rhythms within rhythms, and endless tape edits”. More so than most that make the claim, African Head Charge could truthfully make the assertion at this stage in their career that the music they were making was a genre unto itself, defying categorisation. Loose echoes of traditional African percussion music, field recordings and roots reggae inform the mix, whilst some parts conjure up the stripped-back post-rock of Can or Tortoise. www.smarturl.it/drasticseason

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK – originally released in 1986, Off The Beaten Track still sounds forward thinking, forging a new middle ground between dub and electronic music. Programmed chants and unexpected sounds (barking dogs, breaking glass, gypsy violin loops) are dropped onto a fluid rhythmic bed. A landmark recording in the integration of sampling technology and live instrumentation. Features contributions from Jah Wobble (Public Image Limited), Skip McDonald (Sugarhill Gang/Tackhead) and Albert Einstein (the theory of relativity)! www.smarturl.it/otbt»


«My Life In A Hole In The Ground»:
01. Elastic Dance
02. Family Doctoring
03. Stebeni’s Theme
04. The Race (Part 1)
05. Stone Chant
06. Far Away Chant
07. Primal One Drop
08. Hole In The Roof

«Environmental Studies»:
01. Crocodile Hand Luggage
02. Dinosaur’s Lament
03. Beriberi
04. Snakeskin Tracksuit
05. High Protein Snack
06. In A Trap
07. Breeding Space
08. Primitive
09. Latin Temperament

«Drastic Season»:
01. Timbuktu Express
02. I Want Water
03. Bazaar
04. African Hedge Hog
05. Depth Charge
06. Fruit Market
07. Snake In The Hole
08. Many Generations

«Off The Beaten Track»:
01. Off The Beaten Track
02. Some Bizarre
03. Belinda
04. Language & Mentality
05. Throw It Away
06. Conspiring
07. Release The Doctor
08. Down Under Again
09. Over The Sky