Los favoritos de Ivan Smagghe y Cosmo Vitelli

Siempre es buen momento para descubrir perlas house, disco y post punk de la mano de dos de los selectores más reputados del circuito. Ambos estarán este sábado en Nitsa, Barcelona.

Antoni Ripoll

Cualquier excusa es buena para que dos selectores respetados como Ivan Smagghe y Cosmo Vitelli te pasen un listado de sus tracks favoritos del momento.

En este caso el motivo es su actuación en el club Nitsa prevista para este sábado 4 de agosto. Puedes hacerte con tu entrada aquí.

Conocemos a Ivan Smagghe por ser aquel melómano que trabajó durante un tiempo en la tienda que Rough Trade tiene en París (cuando empezó a pinchar se le conoció con el sobrenombre de Ivan “Rough Trade”). Dese entonces hasta el presente, muchos proyectos y virajes (quizás el más popular siga siendo Black Strobe) que lo han cargado de reconocimiento y respeto en la escena de clubs europea.

Por su parte, Cosmo Vitelli lleva un par de décadas en el juego, también ganándose la credibilidad sesión a sesión y a través de su plataforma I’m A Cliché, uno de los sellos house underground europeos imprescindibles.

Sin más preámbulos, ahí van sus respectivas selecciones comentadas. Debido a la rareza de algunos tracks no ha sido posible encontrar todos los audios:

Bo-Dacious – Bass

«Very hard to classify slow electro rap jam from 91 discovered thanks to my mate Sundae«. – Cosmo Vitelli 

Ma’atz – The Hystorical Watch

«From the «Rare Gems From the Israeli Side Lines» 4 volumes compilation. Red Axes at their digging and sharing best. This “National Road Company” track from 1988 shows what people sometimes forget: there is a tradition of musical political resistance in Israel. Industrial sampling refuzniks at their best«. – Ivan Smagghe

Marco Passarani – Cold Rain

«Vladimir and Offen have been pretty “important” for me recently. You can say whatever you want about “hype”, Vlad is a true believer. “Music is everything” as they say… He’s also very loyal as this incredible IDM tinted Passarani track proves«. – Ivan Smagghe

Nicolas Courtin – Les Yeux Fermes

«Unfortunately, one LP and one single are the only things you’ll find from french producer Nicolas Courtin. This excerpt from his album will bring you back straight to 70’s french movie soundtracks«. – Cosmo Vitelli 

Xen & The Levantines – Ghalili

«I don’t want to reveal too much about this “super group” except that they are already working on their own “Live in Pompei” thing but it’s 100% projects like this that keep my faith in youth and music alive«. – Ivan Smagghe

Fred Und Luna ‒ Monotonikum

«Beautiful piece of kraut part of an album -their best so far- released on Optimo 2 years ago«. – Cosmo Vitelli 

Another – Paris Tribe

«A piece of the Amsterdam underground scene of the very early 80s. Dubbish post punk produced by Peter Graute and released on his infamous Backstreet Backlast Records label«. – Cosmo Vitelli

Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy – Parola

«Not really obscure but so magical : i still like to play this piece built up exclusively on vocal samples«. – Cosmo Vitelli 

Nacht Und Nebel – Arabian Town (Dunkeltier Edit)

«From the super rare 7” (the legend goes that Patrick N. destroyed most of the copies with a knife as he was not happy with the result). I do think there are too many reissues around these days but I am very keen on this one. I do think there are too many edits around these days but am also very keen on this (respectful) one. Probably means am a man of contradictions. Last thing: also hunt for his edit of Jack Pattern’s Animal Transformation«. – Ivan Smagghe

Chateau Flight – Sargan

«Gilbert and I met in the last century, followed different paths but, in a strange way, never very far from each other. This is the return of his collaboration with Nico “Le Cube” and it hits hard. I know slow has been the new black for a couple of seasons but let me introduce you to the new range«. – Ivan Smagghe

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